ASUS O!Play Air Firmware Download kostenlos (ver. 1.­27N)

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ASUS O!Play Air (ver. 1.­27N) ZIP freigegeben 2011.06.09.

Datei Heruntergeladen 1 Mal und angeschaut 42954 Mal.

Kategorie digitale Alben
Marke ASUS
Gerät O!Play Air
Betriebssystem Firmware
Version 1.­27N
Dateigröße 23.89 Mb
Dateityp ZIP
Freigegeben 2011.06.09
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Firmware for ASUS O!Play Air [Release Note_­V1.­27_­O!Play Air] 1.­ The media player supports both WEP and WPA encryption methods correctly 2.­ All detected wireless networks now have the correct signal strength.­ 3.­ O!Play Air no longer hangs or freezes when you use it with the BUFFALO HD-PXTU2 model.­ 4.­ O!Play Air can now recognize the previous WiFi IP address settings.­

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